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Nawaz Sharif and his son’s statement regarding Saudi steel mill proved false

The Panama leaks have certainly caused quite an uproar in the world and Pakistan is no exception. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated last night in a televised address to the nation that they had purchased their flats in England by selling a steel mill in Saudi Arabia. Hussain Nawaz had earlier stated that he had bought the London flats in 2006 and obtained a loan on them to conduct his business.

However, ARY’s Asad Kharal has claimed that the Sharif family sold a steel mill in Saudi Arabia to purchase a large industrial empire whose Managing Director was Hussain Nawaz. Hence, the claim that these funds were used to purchase the flats in London is false.

Hussain Nawaz’s and Siddiq-ul-Farooq’s statements regarding the four flats in London were also contradictory in nature. Hussain Nawaz had claimed that he had bought the flats in 2006 whereas Farooq had claimed that when he had gone to London in 1996, he had gone to these same flats.

Before this, evidence in English newspapers The Guardian and The Independent also contained evidence that the control of these flats wrested in the hands of the Sharif family. In this regard, BBC’s documentary report also contains evidence, which was prepared during the second tenure of Pakistan Peoples Party’s government.





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