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Nawaz Sharif can never become Erdogan, says Qadri

The PAT will organise a Tehrik-e-Qisas from 6th August to pressure the government over the Panama Papers, and seek justice over the Model Town Incident.

The cleric said that the month of August will just be a warm-up and they will not let Nawaz Sharif succeed. It will be three-phase protest and the details will be confirmed soon. He said they are not issuing any deadlines or will the give any ultimatums.

He said that the consensus of opposition parties over the movement is a significant development which will reach its logical end. The firebrand cleric said that those who have looted the country will not be allowed to escape and corruption can only be eradicated by merciless accountability.

He warned the government from making amendments to the criminal procedural code while the case of the Model Town incident is currently being heard in an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC), and said that this will not affect the their and justice will be provided.

This was the basic principles of democracy which includes justice, consultation, distribution of power, fundamental rights, and the protection of life and honour.

The decision comes as the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has already announced to start protest movement from 7th August from Peshawar. PTI Spokesman Naeem-ul-Haq has said the movement for accountability will be the decline of the ‘monarchy’ of Nawaz Sharif, and that the premier was furious about the growing political awareness of the people.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, chief the Awami Muslim League (AML) said that the opposition was united, while PML-N was the seeming conflicts and confrontation as the party leadership cannot satisfy them.



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