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Nawaz says won’t allow delay in 2018 elections ‘at any cost’

ISLAMABAD: Welcoming Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar’s statement that no delay would be allowed in the coming general elections, former premier and PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif asked him to ensure a level playing field for everyone to ensure free and fair polls. 

Speaking to the media on the premises of the accountability court today, Sharif said: “Whatever the chief justice said a day earlier was correct and we endorse his comments. With this, he should also ensure a level playing field for everyone so that no one should be meted out injustice.”

He said there should be a similar set of rules and standards for everyone. “I was disqualified for receiving salary from my son while Imran Khan who admitted to having committed offence was let scot-free. He was given concessions. This is not a level playing field,” the former PML-N chief told reporters.

He said the chief justice should have taken notice of whatever happened in Balochistan in the build-up to Senate elections. “Who brought no-confidence move [against former CM Sanaullah Zehri] in Balochistan Assembly,” he asked.

Sharif said no delay would be allowed in 2018 elections at any cost. He said he would meet Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to ask him to hold the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance in abeyance until a new government is voted into power after the election to repeal the law.

The PML-N supermo and other party leaders have time and again expressed their reservations over the NAB law, labeling it a tool to victimize political opponents.

Elections will be held on time, no provision for judicial martial law: CJP

On Thursday, Justice Nisar vowed that the next general elections will be held on time, saying that there was no provision for a judicial martial law in the constitution.

The chief justice was addressing a gathering held to pay tribute to renowned human rights activist and lawyer Asma Jehangir who passed away in February.

Justice Nisar said that he would resign if he fails to prevent a martial law, and he would never let anyone to infringe upon the constitution, and there will only be democracy and the rule of law in the country.

“There are rumours of a judicial law martial. There is no constitutional provision for it. And if there is a real martial law then I will go home but will certainly not endorse it,” he said.

He further said that next general elections without any delay, and there was no constitutional provision either to postpone the elections.

He said that no one will be allowed to infringe upon the constitution, and that the concept of a ‘judicial martial law’ is laughable and absurd, and he has no right to be the chief justice if any such steps are taken.

Justice Nisar praised the late activist saying that Asma Jehangir was a brave, fearless woman who was always undeterred and he had seen her being always at the forefront during protest movements.

“Asma Jehangir was a brave woman, jurist and humanitarian,” he said. “However her biggest quality I saw was that she always led from the front in protests.”

He said the Jehangir was always there to pick up a humanitarian case, and that courageous women like Jehangir are seldom found. He said the services of Jehangir to the nation will be never forgotten.




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