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Sharif lashes out at judiciary for ‘decking dictators with garlands’

LONDON: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif says elected premiers are sent packing and held accountable, while those who validated martial laws are not punished.

Nawaz Sharif, who landed in the British capital on Tuesday, continued his tirade against the judiciary while speaking to journalists at a London airport.

He said he brought peace to Karachi, eradicated terrorism and put an end to load-shedding, yet he was dislodged.

Sharif lamented Pakistan is the only country where an elected premier is treated unfairly, while dictators are decked with garlands.

The former premier said the court’s decision to oust him caused instability in the country and the filing of the corruption references against him and members of his family was an act of revenge, which he didn’t accept.

Sit-in politics has become a tradition in the country, he said and added despite sit-ins he resolved the issues of the people.

Despite all odds, Sharif said he will continue to play his role for the welfare of the people and the country, no matter the cost.

Sharif said he would bring the country out of quagmire with the support of the people of the country. He resolved that no one will be allowed to mess with the country.

Commenting on the report of a judicial inquiry carried out by Justice Ali Baqar Najafi into the Model Town tragedy, he demanded that all other commission reports should also be declassified.



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