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Nawaz Sharif meets Iranian Interior Minister

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister of Iran Abdul Raza Rehmani Fazili met with Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif at Prime Minister House here in Islamabad on Tuesday, ARY News reports.

In the meeting, the two officials discussed key issues including the promotion of bilateral relation between the two countries.

Nawaz Sharif, while emphasizing on the importance of trade and investment, said that economy and political strengthen each other and attention should be given to improving the economies. 

"The bilateral ties in the border region can be strengthened through communication and with common border markets for trade", Nawaz said.

Pakistani Premier said that he awaits his visit to Iran and the meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. He added that his visit will strengthen brotherly political relations with Iran and will set a new direction for the bilateral ties based on mutual trust and partnership.



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