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Nawaz Sharif says he will not back down, being punished for serving the nation

FAISALABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday reiterated that he will not back down from his struggle and vowed to continue to fight.

The PML-N leader, while addressing a gathering, said that he is instead being punished for leading the nation to a path of progress and prosperity.

Sharif said that he served the nation thrice, conducted atomic bombings and made Pakistan a powerhouse, struggled to end energy crisis, uprooted the scourge of terrorism, and even brought CPEC to Pakistan.

However, he said despite serving the nation he has to face cases. “I served the nation day and night, and I have to face these cases. Am I being punished for serving the nation?”

Sharif said he wished the case proceedings were being televised live, as falsehoods are being unveiled in the courts every day, and the people can see for themselves.

“I have always worked honestly. I cannot even think about a penny of bribery or commission,” he said adding corruption was a curse and he detests commission and kickbacks.

He decried that he was removed as PML-N chief, and that the people will not tolerate the insult to him.

“I will never back off from my principles. I will continue to fight,” he said calling on his supporters to stand beside him and he will fight for their rights.

“The cases against me are completely false. The people are witnessing the fraud that is being committed.”

He reiterated his stance to respect the sanctity of the vote, as the people will rise against those who disrespect the vote, and that a handful of people cannot be allowed to take control of Pakistan.

“Pakistan is not anyone’s property. It belongs to the people,” he said. “A few hundred people cannot be allowed to take monopoly of the country.”

“We will not tolerate disrespecting the vote. We will instead restore its sanctity,” he stated adding that those disrespecting will be wiped out.



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