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2018 verdict will ‘sweep’ all other verdicts, says Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif says he regrets being deprived of the right to challenge the court decision in Panama Papers case.

In a hurriedly-called press conference at Punjab House, Sharif said he served two sentences at the hand of dictators but “I didn’t bow down.” Today I’ve again been deprived of my right to challenge the [court] verdict.

He said he would continue contesting his case and fight for his rights…”and it will be people’s victory in the end.”

‘Panama Drama’

I faced the ‘Panama Drama’ and my children appeared before Joint Investigation Team “constituted through a WhatsApp message” many a times, and today I turned up before the accountability court as I am ‘squeaky clean’, he underlined.

I beg, let the country run according to the Constitution, he said.

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“It’s high time to find solution to menaces eroding the country from within for 70 years. I fear this crisis could cost Pakistan dearly.”

He expressed confidence a people will announce their verdict in 2018 that will sweep all previous verdicts in the history of Pakistan, he said in an indirect reference to the upcoming general elections.

‘Fleeing rumours’

He said he flew London in an emergency situation due to his wife’s ailment. He thanked people for praying for his wife.

He insisted he never thought of staying abroad exceeding the required time.

Mr. Sharif said ‘opportunists’ and lie-mongers capitalized on his problem and misled people about his foreign visit.

He expressed dismay over what happened with the media during today’s hearing in the morning.

Security personnel deployed outside the accountability court in Islamabad manhandled a journalist during Sharif’s appearance before it in connection with NAB references.

The same court first constituted JIT, then it took control of NAB followed by looking after affairs of the accountability court. Is this how justice meted out, he asked.

He also asked if this was called a fair trial.





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