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Nawaz Sharif made immense sacrifices unlike Imran, says Javed Hashmi

MULTAN: Veteran politician Javed Hashmi said that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has rendered immense sacrifices which cannot be given by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan.

Addressing a press conference at the Multan Press Club, the veteran leader continued with his usual demeanour and said that the nation cannot progress as long as the supremacy of the constitution is not respected alike by judge, general and politician.

Maintaining that he has the right to comment on the Supreme Court’s verdict which saw Sharif ousted as PML-N chief, he said that judiciary is the most respected institution, however, the sanctity is being gradually eroded and it is the responsibility of the people to restore it.

He said that his prediction which he foretold four years ago has become true, and he had stated that the Supreme Court was attempting to dissolve the parliament. He said he was not ousted but had instead resigned from the parliament, and had spent the last few years with immense patience.

He further said that Nawaz Sharif had rendered immense sacrifices, unlike Imran Khan. He also said that Chief Justice of Pakistan had met with Imran Khan a couple of times, and have cancelled the leaves of judges before the verdict.

Hashmi said that he had no contact with Nawaz Sharif since the last four years, and had struggled on his own and made sacrifices for the sake of the constitution, and the Supreme Court never came forward to defend the constitution.

He further said that the court acquits criminals on serious charges on the basis of suspicion or lack of evidence, but also send a prime minister packing for similar reasons, adding that a movement should be launched against it.

“Nawaz Sharif said he would be killed in he went to jail, and will instead launch a legal battle, and I said that if so then I will join him in this struggle,” he said. “This is not the final decision against Nawaz Sharif, they will also put him in jail.”

He said the biggest strike against democracy was that an individual who received 126,000 votes was given a severe blow by the judiciary.

He advised PTI activists that nation was burning, past military dictators had clipped the wings of the constitution, and defending suspects was the courts responsibility. He said that Imran Khan only considers politics as means to gain favours.



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