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Sharif says Zardari assailing him to please someone else

ISLAMABAD: Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Friday that he failed to understand as to why he and members of his family were facing court proceedings.

Interacting with reporters at the premises of the accountability court during his appearance in the hearing of corruption references, the former prime minister asked what were the cases instituted against him.

“Have I received bribe”, asked the deposed prime minister and claimed that even the Supreme Court judges had themselves conceded that the cases he was facing did not relate to corruption.

Was the Sharif family being punished for restoring peace in Karachi or eliminating terrorism in the country, he wondered.

He called on all political parties of the country to converge on one-point agenda of upholding democratic norms.

He slammed Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Asif Ali Zardari for harshly criticizing him, saying Zardari was using rude language against him to please someone else.

“It will be the mockery of democracy if we begin to please others,” Sharif said, adding that what was happening here has never happened ever in other countries.

He said that he fixed the national economy.

Ruling out rifts within the ruling Sharif family, he said the opponents’ wishes of friction will never materialize.



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