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Nazish Jahangir’s taste in poetry makes her Instagram posts go viral

Actress Nazish Jahangir is one of the few actresses in Pakistan’s drama industry who can play all sorts of characters with magical ease thanks to her remarkable acting skills.

The ‘Bharosa’ actress, who started her career from theater, is also quite active on social media and has a lot of fans on Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube.

There is no denying the fact that she has earned a lot of fans due to her acting skills but if one visits her Instagram profile, her taste in poetry too has given her an entirely different fan-base.

Almost all the pictures Nazish posts on Instagram are with beautifully-written couplets which speaks of her taste in Urdu poetry.

Here is a recent one with a couplet by Ahmed Faraz.

مزاج  ہم سے زیادہ جدا نہ تھا اس کا
جب اپنے طور یہی تھے تو کیا گلہ اس کا


Now, this one is shared with a couplet from Jaun Elia.

تم بنو رنگ، تم بنو خوشبو

ہم تو اپنے سخن میں ڈھلتے ہیں

Here are some of her old Instagram posts which were shared with poetry and went viral.


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مختصر کہانی 3/9/2020 #writer #poet❤️

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