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NDMA releases stats–255 people killed, 1697 more injured in earthquake

According to the NDMA, the devastating earthquake which shook Pakistan on Monday, 26th October has claimed a total of 255 lives and injured as many as 1697 people. As per the facts obtained, the most affected province was Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where 220 people died as a result of the earthquake. 1508 people were injured in the province and as many as 8,453 houses were destroyed by the calamity.

The damage in FATA was less as compared to KPK. 30 people lost their lives and a total number of 59 people were injured. 300 houses were also damaged.

10 people died in Gilgit-Baltistan and as many as 30 people were injured, whilst 390 houses were damaged.

In Punjab, 5 people died and 78 were injured. 60 houses were destroyed as a result of the earthquake.

2 people were killed in Azad Kashmir whereas 12 were injured. 12 houses were destroyed.



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