Nearly 900-pound alligator caught in Texas

TEXAS: An alligator of nearly 900 pounds has been caught in the Southeast Texas and is being said to be a historic catch.

Gator Country official Gary Saurage says his crew captured the largest alligator ever caught alive in Liberty County of Texas.

Saurage is the co-owner of Gator Country, an alligator and reptile educational facility in Beaumont.

Saurage says the gator measures 13 feet, 8 inches and weighs almost 900 pounds.

He said he received a call from the federal wildlife refuge in Dayton reporting that the gator had been seen at a boat ramp there.

Saurage says it took four people to help retrain the gator with rope. They had to feed the gator chicken to get him to move closer to the rope.








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Nearly 900-pound alligator caught in Texas

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