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Neelam Muneer: Anti-Pakistan comments being issued due to political reasons

Neelam Muneer is one of Pakistani dramas’ most celebrated actresses. Her beautiful looks and stellar acting skills have made her a hit with audiences in both India and Pakistan. Neelam recently spoke to a local newspaper and spoke on how such statements did not properly represent the whole of India.

“There are good and bad people everywhere. An artist should just focus on his work, because he does not have political interests in mind. His job is to entertain people and bring about love and peace.”

She further said that the Indian people and artists wished cordial relations with Pakistan and that only a few extremists were against it. She also revealed that she had met some Bollywood celebrities who viewed Pakistan in a positive light and also wanted to work in the country.

“Whatever is happening in India currently, is due to political reasons. And in order to achieve those desired political objectives, such harsh statements are being issued.”

Neelam also spoke on how Indians as a whole reject extremism and cited the recent Bihar elections as an example. She said that a political party supporting an extreme mindset, were routed in the elections.

On the subject of working with senior actress Saima, Neelam stated that at first her family had reservations about her working with Saima, but on teh insistence of the director, she agreed to do the play. During the course of time, she got inspired by Saima’s personality so much so that she was happy with the decision that she took.

On the subject of films, Neelam disclosed that she had been approached by several Pakistani and Indian directors. However, she would sign a film as soon as she would like any project.

She also said that she didn’t worry about alleged scandals and rumours regarding her, but enjoyed them.



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