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Neelam Muneer impressed by cricketer Sarfraz Ahmed

Speaking in ARY News show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’ the gorgeous Neelam said that she is deeply impressed by Sarfraz Ahmed’s performance in the World Cup.

The revelation came when Neelam was inquired by the program host Umer Shareef about her interest in cricket and her favourite cricketers.

Neelam replied that she only likes one cricketer but could not take his name as she does not know what the media or people will make out of her simple liking of the cricketer’s performance.

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She only revealed the name upon insistence from Umer Shareef and stated that she really liked the way Sarfraz performed for Pakistan.

Neelam also told the host that she is appearing in the Faisal Qureshi starrer ‘Rang Laga’ as the actors’ wife. The first episode of the drama has already been aired on ARY Digital.



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