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Nepal earthquake death toll soars to 4400

The rescuers are battling to reach the quake victims 72 hours after the deadly tremors, the death toll has reached to 4400 with recovery of more dead bodies of the victims, international media reports said.

Photo by AFP

Scores of Nepalis frustrated by the government`s slow response, were digging through debris themselves to find remains of their loved ones.

The relief from neighboring India, China and other countries pouring in Nepal. A relief convoy from India’s Uttar Pradesh reach Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. The convoy carrying food, medicines, mineral water along with a team of medical practitioners.

Photo by AFP

Saturday’s massive earthquake jolted the Himalayan country leaving traces of death and destruction across the country. The communication lines to the Himalayan Country are in disarray due to the earthquake.

Eight million people affected: UN

According to United Nationas eight million people have been affected by the massive earthquake in Nepal – more than a quarter of the country’s population.

International aid has started arriving but there is still huge need – 1.4 million need food aid, the UN said.

Photo by AFP
Photo by AFP

The 7.8-magnitude quake hit Nepal on Saturday destroying buildings, historical sites in Kathmandu and other parts of the country and severely affecting rural areas across the region.

Photo by AFP

The officials said that the death toll has risen to 4,400, with almost 8,000 injured.



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