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Network involved in target killing in Karachi from Dubai busted

KARACHI: Police on Tuesday claimed to have busted a criminal network allegedly involved in the target killing of policeman, which reportedly received orders from ringleader operating from Dubai, ARY News reported.

Police conducted an operation in the Defence Housing Society area, and arrested suspect named Abdur Rehman Magsi who is accused in the target killing of several doctors and policemen in Karachi.

Initial investigation and interrogation revealed that Magsi received orders from Abdul Wahab, who is part of an international criminal syndicate, and is currently operating from Dubai.

Magsi revealed that Abdul Wahab would provide them financial assistance and facilitators for the target killing of policeman and doctors, and would then sponsor visas of the target killers to escape to Dubai.

During the raid another suspect Faraz Ali Jatoi managed to escape, while police have started investigating the passports, visas and other documents of the group, and are attempting further members of the network.



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