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I have never sold my country, says Afridi

KARACHI: Miandad-Afridi mud-slinging mania has got entangled. All-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi is persistent to ‘clear his reputation’ despite Javed Miandad’s pardoning the former over his statement ‘Miandad always has had issue of money’.

Afridi has thanked the former legend cricketer for extending forgiveness, however he wants Miandad to take his allegation of match-fixing back. Lala is repeatedly mentioning him as elder, senior, Bhai, legend, hero and mentor. The only thing that he seems desperate for is retraction of allegation.

“Javed Bhai has pardoned me? Thanks, But has he withdrawn his allegations, what has he got to say to that? His allegations caused pain and grief to me my family and my fans, is he retracting from his actual allegation?” he posted on his social media account.

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“I consider him an elder and hope he’ll take back his actual words. Else I will have to seek answer and justice to clear my reputation in court. Nothing matters more to me then playing for my country with pride, no one can accuse me of selling my country,” he maintained.

Afridi said: ” I want to stress that I have great respect for Javed Bhai he is our hero, our legend, he’s my mentor too. I’ll never lose regard for him.”



During a press conference on Tuesday, to a query, the all-rounder said Miandad himself always has had issue of money, which still continues.

Which was followed by Javed Miandad’s leveling allegation of match-fixing against Boom Boom.

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Soon after the press conference, he had realised that he had gone off limit. He expressed regret to his senior within few hours of his statement against the legendary batsman of Pakistan.

Javed Miandad has pardoned Afridi and did not mention anything about match-fixing again.

“I have fostered Afridi in cricketing. Being a senior, I apologise him.”



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