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New corporate horizons dawn over Pakistan

KARACHI: Endeavoring to think beyond the set and standard managerial and professional practices, the students of a local university, Institute of Business Management (IoBM), here organised an event titled ‘New Corporate Horizons’ on Sunday.

The guests invited at the event were presidents, CEOs, directors, heads and managers of leading local, national and multinational companies in Pakistan.

The event comprised four main segments: ‘Grassroots to Global parameters’, ‘Executive Humor – All smiles and giggles’, ‘Sharing Empowerment for a change’ and ‘Musical Melodies for the corporate sector’. A large number of IoBM students, faculty, management, staff, alumni and media were drawn to this event.

During the segment ‘Grassroots to Global parameters’ experts explained the best practices that made national companies reach beyond the global horizon with their unmatched services and vision for business excellence.


Another segment ‘Sharing Empowerment for a change’ allowed corporate gurus to dwell upon the concept of men and women working together in the corporate sector of Pakistan to benefit their organization and becoming a shining example for all.

‘Executive Humor’ was the segment during which a PR student shared office jokes to spread smiles and giggles among the attendees.

Singers and musicians gave a stirring performance during the segment ‘Musical Melodies for the corporate sector’ by harmoniously blending soulful and decent corporate music into the event.



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