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New Hampshire police hands out tickets for good behavior!

Hold on, here we aren’t referring to the typical tickets and challans associated with traffic police. A strange yet pragmatic effort has been adopted by the New Hampshire police department, who have started doling out tickets for free pizza and french fries. Yes, that’s right; free pizza and french fries!

In an entirely new and strange fashion, police officers in New Hampshire will now be on the lookout for people who follow driving regulations carefully and avoid endangering their lives along with lives of other citizens as well. “We’ll be looking not only for people in violation of our laws in the state of New Hampshire, but we’ll also be looking out for people that are following the law – using crosswalks, driving properly, using turn signals,” Chief John Drury of the Farmington Police Department stated.

The local restaurant agreed to honor the tickets with the relevant prize of french fries or pizza after the Police Chief paid for them. “We’ll know that they’re good and they can get a free small fry or grab a slice of pizza – whatever the coupon entitles them to – and they can get on with their day,” a manager at the restaurant told the station. “It’s definitely the best ticket to be getting around here. That’s for sure.”

The initiative has been adopted from the Canadian police departments practices from a few years ago. Canadian police also rewarded ‘good’ tickets to people who followed traffic regulations with safety and rigidity. The initiative seems to be a fresh as well as an innovative activity that will go a long way in refining rather than ruining the standards of driving in New Hampshire. The all new strategy to reward as well rather than punish citizens will definitely earn admiration and respect for the law enforcement authorities among citizens.

Way to go New Hampshire police. No more will citizens detest on being pulled over by a cop car from now on!



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