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New York attack suspect charged over bombings

The charges, filed in a Manhattan court by US Attorney Preet Bharara, also include bombing, destruction of property and use of a destructive device, according to the 14-page indictment.

A pressure cooker bomb that went off in Manhattan Saturday injured 29 people. Another bomb that exploded on the New Jersey shore did not hurt anyone but forced the cancellation of a Marine Corps charity race.

The indictment says video recovered from the cell phone of a relative of Rahami, 28, shows him lighting incendiary material in a cylindrical container two days before the bombings.

A handwritten manual recovered from him after his arrest on Monday includes writings criticizing the US government for the “slaughter” of Muslim fighters in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, it adds.

Rahami also wrote that he was worried over the prospect of being caught before he could carry out a suicide attack, the indictment says.



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