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Nexus between Karachi Police, underworld unearthed

According to details, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) have received some evidences of a nexus between Karachi Police and the underworld.

The revelations were made following Rangers raid at underworld don Salim Dollar’s residence in Karachi’s Defense, two days ago. It was said that Salim had links with key officials of the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Sources told that police officials use to pay visit to Salim on regular basis and received hefty sums from him.

After the killing of Salim Dollar in shootout with Rangers, a major set-up of bookies was also exposed in the metropolis.

Rangers with the help of intelligence agencies have prepared a list of officials in contact with mafiosi and action against them is expected soon.

It is pertinent to note here that Rangers had conducted a raid at Salim Dollar’s residence in Defense, a couple of days ago.

The paramilitary personnel were resisted which led to a shootout there resulting in the killing of the notorious underworld don.

In a statement issued by Rangers, it was said that there were nearly 40 armed men guarding Salim’s residence, most of them were arrested following the encounter, however some managed to flee.



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