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Nida Yasir answers the most frequently asked questions about morning shows

KARACHI: Popular morning show host Nida Yasir on Friday answered the most frequently asked questions about the morning shows’ format during an episode of Har Lamha Purjosh’s season 2019.

Nida, who hosts Pakistan’s top-rated morning show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, was asked to answer some questions by HLPJ host Waseem Badami as a representative of all the morning shows hosts so she answered all the questions.

When asked about the impression that morning shows can’t do without weddings, Nida Yasir said that as far as her show is concerned, she does it only twice a year but yes, those shows get ratings so “people think that we are doing it all the time”.

As Waseem Badami questioned her about the criticism that mornings shows sometimes end up depressing the common populace about their lifestyle, Nida said that she has this habit of openly saying that the dresses she wears during her show are given to her for promotion of certain designers and she herself can’t afford such dresses.

“I have never done shows about black magic and other superstitions and I think this is an unhealthy trend,” said Nida Yasir when asked about the newest “trend” among morning show hosts.

The “Good Morning Pakistan” host is Pakistan’s leading morning show host and has been doing the show for nine years with more than 2000 episodes.



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