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Nilofar: A fatal cyclone changes to meme on Social Media

June to November is the topical season when weather changes occur and result in storms. Hurricane, typhoon and cyclone are the same terms used for these storms in different places.   In the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, the term “hurricane” is used. The same type of disturbance in the Northwest Pacific is called a “typhoon” and “cyclones” occur in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean. Experts say that reason behind keeping a feminine name of these storms is the idea to reduce its intensity because according to them masculine names caused more destruction. Here are few destructive cyclones with feminine names.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the most deadly and destructive hurricane ever hit the land. This hurricane occurred in the Atlantic basin on 23rd August 2005 it caused severe destruction from Florida to Texas and most of the eastern side of North America.  The hurricane dissipated on 31st August after a massive demolition. Katrina killed some 1,833 people and did a damage of some $108 billion.

Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Wilma is the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin. It was formed in the Caribbean Sea near Jamaica on 16th October 2005. Wilma continued to intensify and became a 5th category cyclone within few days. This intense cyclone killed some 62 people and caused a damage of $29.1 billion. Hispaniola, Jamaica, Cuba and Florida were mainly affected by this typhoon.

Super Typhoon Rita

Super Typhoon Rita was formed on 15 October and within eight days reached Category 5 status. It had weakened to category 4 when made landfall in the Philippines. Rita killed some 300 people and 354 people went missing. It dispersed on 29th October by causing a damage of $100 million. Guam, Philippines and Vietnam were among the highly affected areas.

Typhoon Ida

Ida also known as Kanogawa Typhoon. was spawned in the central Western Pacific Ocean on 20 September. Within three days it was intensified when it made landfall on the Japanese Island of Honshu. The typhoon led to severe rains which resulted in mudslide and some 1,269 people died in that calamity. Ida done a damage $50 million and finally dissipated in September 30th. Japan was the only victim of this typhoon.

Cyclone Nilofar

Albeit Cyclone Nilofar has not touched Pakistani Shores yet the storming is being highly condemned on social media.






This states the mentality of people in Pakistan and how they take things. No one on the face of earth made fun of Katrina being a feminine name but in our country, Nelofar is no more a catastrophe but a joke. People should not forget that a cyclone with the same funny name “Bhola” struck the shores of Bangladesh in 1971 and killed some 300,000 to 500,000 people. People should not forget that still over 100 of fisherman are in the sea and that can be dangerous. People should not forget that it does not matter whether it’s Nelofar or Navaid it’s a cyclone that can cause a massive damage. People should not forget that our infrastructure can not even bear the destruction of a category 3 cyclone even. People should not forget that natural disasters are not an entertainment but a wrath of God.




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