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Nisar adamant to counter Aitzaz’s diatribe, ignores PM’s advice

Sources citing PML-N insiders told that the party members had a unified stand that Nisar would not offer apology at any cost. The interior minister is firm that he would address the press conference on Saturday to ‘retaliate’ on diatribe by the PPP leader with proofs.

The meeting between Nisar and the PM continued for around three hours.

Earlier, Nisar was not in favour of protester’s entry into the red zone, however the decision to let marchers into the red zone was taken by bypassing Nisar’s stand. Subsequently the interior minister got unhappy with this move by the PM.

Sources told that Nisar had decided to resign from his ministry when he was avoided by the PM on important decision regarding protester’s entry into the red zone.

Similarly, Nisar was apparently furious today when he was denied by the speaker to respond to the diatribe by PPP’s Aitzaz Ahsan in the joint parliament sitting. The speaker had adjourned the session when Nisar rose to speak.



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