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Nisar says his disagreement with Nawaz Sharif proved costly

RAWALPINDI: Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said he was neither detached or disillusioned with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), but instead had a disagreement with Nawaz Sharif which turned out to be costly.

Addressing a press conference, Nisar said he was loyal to the party till the last moment, and cannot even think about harming Nawaz sharif or his party, and is friends with several other parliamentarians.

“I was loyal to the party till the last moment, supported the government on every issue,” he said. “I was never detached nor disillusioned with the party, but differed with Nawaz Sharif which proved costly.”

He said that he remained silent on several contentious issues such as Nawaz declaring Sheikh Mujeeb a patriot, horse-trading in Senate election, serious security breach at prime minister’s house in form of Dawnleaks, Mumbai attacks investigation, and allocation of reserved seats.

“I had a disagreement which did not harm Nawaz Sharif. My estrangement was pushed to the limit by several individuals.”

Over why he was contesting as an indpendent candidate, Nisar said he will reveal when health of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz improves.

He said that PML-N conducted a survey in his constituency which showed that nearly everyone would vote for him, and therefore his recent speech in Chakri was used against him.

“My disagreement with Nawaz Sharif has been ongoing since the past one year. That’s why I am courteously contesting as an independent candidate.”

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Since the election campaign is ongoing, Nisar said that it was necessary to debunk certain fake news and rumours surrounding him, and why he was contesting as an independent candidate.

He lamented news reports he had allegedly remarked that “Sharifs will not able to show their faces anywhere if I decide to speak out,” adding that his speech was taken out of context and all sort of remarks were made.

He said the speech in Chakri was on record, and therefore the media should listen to it rather than misrepresenting him. He also there were unfounded reports that he had agreed to seat adjustment, adding that he was not in contact with any party.

He said that has contested elections eight times since 1985, and has given his unbiased advice Nawaz Sharif since over three decades, but said would not cow down to every whims and speaks his mind out without any repercussions.

“Nawaz Sharif is responsible because he is a leader. Any decision taken at lower levels is eventually approved by the leader.”

He said he turned down his ministry, refused to be part of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s cabinet, and the bill to declare Nawaz as party leader was a huge burden on him. “The bill on Nawaz Sharif presidency was a heavy burden on me, but despite that I voted for it.”

Another rumour circulating was that he would join that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, adding that he had not rebelled but asked for his rights. He said the media should act responsibly and verify any statement before publishing them.

Responding to why he didn’t apply for a party ticket, Nisar said that he had never submitted an application or request since 1985, and interviews are conducted from workers not federal ministers.

“If it was just an interview, I would have been present and applied for it. Since 1985 I have never applied for a party ticket.”

He said that even Imran Khan had said there would be candidate opposing him, and Shahbaz Sharif had said that he would provided a party ticket. He said he has warned that there was conspiracy against the country, and the political leadership should concentrate on it and inform the people.



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