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Nisar lashes at opponent benefiting from his estrangement

RAWALPINDI: Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that his estrangement with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has led to other parties giving ticket to a turncoat who has switched sides several times.

Addressing a rally in Chak Beli Khan, the former interior minister thanked the constituents for supporting him in tough times, and said that he would win the upcoming elections by an even greater strength of 172,000 votes as compared to the last elections.

“A person will come seeking votes from Taxila, whose only quality is that he is my opponent,” he said. “This individual, just for opposing me, was made minister by PPP, Musharraf, and has been issued a ticket by PTI.”

He was referring to Ghulam Sarwar Khan, who has been defeated thrice by Chaudhry Nisar for the National Assembly seat in Taxila.

Nisar said he always worked for the welfare of the people, and never set up any business interests, or favoured anyone, and has always indulged in politics of respect and held his head up high.

“There is no corner of this constituency where there is no sign of my services. And there is corner where there is any single service of my opponent,” he said.

He said it was unfathomable that a PML-Q member from the era of Musharraf, who was been an advisor and minister, was showing his loyalty with Nawaz Sharif.

He said that he always contested and won from the constituency in all situations, even the wave of Benazir Bhutto in 1988 and military era of Gen. Musharraf in 2002, exile of Nawaz Sharif and all other excesses against the party.

He said that he has a deep connection with the constituents, and no one has a greater presence in the area, and even PTI chairman Imran Khan had said that they will not field a candidate against him.

It may be mentioned that Nisar has decided to contest the elections as an independent candidate, from two National Assembly and two Punjab Assembly seats.

The PML-N has also reportedly decided not to field a candidate against him. However, a final decision in this regard will be made by Nawaz Sharif.



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