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Nisar not yet reconciled, expected to meet PM Nawaz tomorrow

LAHORE: The Federal Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who is said to be extremely annoyed with his party leadership, could not be pacified despite of repeated efforts by the Government. Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif has brought Chaudhry Nisar along with him to Lahore, where he is expected to meet the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif tomorrow – ARY News reports.

According to details, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) leadership has been active itself in pacifying the annoyed party leader and the Interior Minister , Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, however the Interior Minister does not seem to be reconciled yet.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan sidelined himself from key meetings after being neglected by party leadership on certain issues, which created another issue in different political circles of the country.

Sources told that Nisar had objected over the inclusion of Irfan Siddiqui in the Government’s team for negotiating with Taliban, following his concerns he was made the focal person with respect to peace talks.

It was further stated that Interior Minister had reservations over growing proximity of some of the ministers with the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, and their increasing interference in decisions pertaining to policy-making.

At first, the Government attempted to suppress the issue, yet the party leadership itself came in as things grew serious.

Shahbaz Sharif after meeting PM Nawaz, met the Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan at the Punjab House, Islamabad and tried to pacify him.

Sources informed that the issue has not been resolved yet and the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif has reached Lahore along with Chaudhry Nisar.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is also here and a meeting between him and the annoyed Interior Minister is expected tomorrow.



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