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Nisar postpones Karachi visit despite PM pledge

According to sources, Nisar believes his visit to Karachi would be meaningless until ongoing standoff between the federal and Sindh government is resolved.

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Chaudhary Nisar feels that Sindh government must be clear about federal government directives and measures against anti-terrorism and it must abide by it, sources told.

“Nisar thinks issues over Rangers must be hashed out before he proceeds to Karachi”.

The interior minister was expected to meet Mr. Shah in Karachi and resolve differences between centre and the province.

The chief minister Sindh had conveyed his reservations to the prime minister during a recent meeting in Islamabad regarding extension in Rangers powers by the federal government.

The premier had assured Mr. Shah that he would send Nisar Ali Khan to Karachi to clear the air. — ARY News



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