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Nisar says acceptance of all demands of Imran, Qadri impossible

Addressing a press conference here, Nisar said containers were placed for security purpose as there were reports of threats in the long march. “Military intelligence heads have told about security threats.”

However, with efforts from security forces the situation remained under control. I cannot comment on performance on IG Islamabad,”

He warned that if there was breach of security outside any check-post or container near sensitive zones, then law will come into action. “Marchers will not be allowed to proceed further”.

He claimed that both the leaders – Imran and Qadri – had signed an N.O.C. not to breach the red zone for security reasons.

He clarified that IG Islamabad went on leaves and he was not removed or suspended.

“They (marchers) are few thousands. Had they been in millions then it could have been labeled as a big crowd. He said: “We have not deployed 30,000 security personnel that they keep staring on buildings been besieged.”

If there is bloodshed, then those fighting in self-defence should not be blamed for it, he said while justifying security deployment in the red zone.

He categorically stated that containers won’t be removed, describing them a shield for marchers themselves. The minister said a few containers could be removed. “A top ISI officer conveyed me today that there is a serious security threat on march and a arms-loaded vehicle has entered the capital city.”

He praised the legal fraternity for observing strike for the sake of democracy. “All demands under constitutional limits will be accepted while demands based on stubbornness, violence, force and unnecessary persistence

He added that he wasn’t in favour of marchers to proceed towards parliament house for obvious security reasons, however the PM give them the go-ahead.



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