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Nisar says all terrorist networks wiped out from Pakistan

Speaking at a press briefing after the cabinet meeting, the minister asserted that there is no terrorist network operating from the Pakistani soil.

It was then government’s incompetence that terrorism increased during the two military offensives in the country, he charged.


Terror networks dismantled under NAP: Nisar by arynews

Nisar said this the first time in years that talks with separatists were begun to make Baluchistan a peaceful province.

Commenting on religious seminaries, he said defaming madaris as an institution is not appropriate, adding that the seminaries in the country are all patriotic, however nobody will be allowed to call anyone Kafir (non-believer) or liable to death.

Talking about Karachi Operation, the interior minister said crime in megapolis have been controlled up to 70 percent.

However, he said there are a few affairs which cannot be shared with public.



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