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'Nisar suggested PTI for sit-ins to pressurize govt'

According to details, CM Pervez Khattak revealed what is behind the sit-ins. In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, he claimed that Chaudhry Nisar held three secret meetings with Imran Khan, which the minister himself had requested for.

He claimed that it was Nisar who suggested his party to stage sit-ins, so that pressure could be mounted on the government.

Khattak slammed the Interior Minister saying that he is leading politics based on hypocrisy.

He demanded an answer from Nisar as to why did he held secret meetings with the PTI chief and why is he now denying those meetings.

The chief minister also claimed to have all the secrets of the Federal Interior Minister.

He also admitted that he called on Chaudhry Nisar with the consent of Imran Khan and the meeting was not hidden.



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