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Nisar ‘sympathizes’ with Ayyan, says her case doesn’t fall in his domain

Despite a hundred days have passed, but it isn’t yet ascertained as to whose money Ayyan Ali was caught with at Islamabad airport.

On Tuesday, the interior minister while labeling the money laundering supermodel helpless [bechaari] said that her case does not fall under his jurisdiction.

Nisar said that a key meeting pertaining to Ayyan Ali’s case will be held tomorrow, which will ascertain as to who is behind the supermodel and whose money she was carrying with her.


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The model was all set to board a Dubai-bound flight from Benazir International Airport on March 14 that a huge amount of foreign currency (more than 5 lac USD) was recovered from secret chambers of her bag, during checking at the counter of Airport Security Force (ASF).



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