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Nisar urges no politics over national security issues

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, speaking at the floor of the National Assembly Wednesday said that terrorism incidents have to be separated from the normal everyday crimes.

He added that federal and provincial governments have to resolve security issues cooperatively.

Nisar claimed that the centre had warned provincial governments about terrorism threat in their respective provinces repeatedly several months before the incidents.

The interior minister further said that the security agencies are working under the Chief Ministers of all the provinces whereas the federal government is providing civil armed forces for their assistance.

“I did not blame the regional governments over the terrorist attacks. The terrorists want that I blame the provincial governments and they resign”, he said.

He said that that the terrorists want to create an atmosphere of fear by targeting innocent civilians and they want the entire nation to blame each other over these incidents.

“The nation has to be united and organized against terrorism. They should remove the misconception that the issue will be resolved within few days. We must express that we will never be threatened by the attacks”, Nisar said.

“Should we close our schools and worship places out of fear? This disease has to be cured”, he added.

Nisar stated that the war against terrorism is not an easy task. He said the intelligence agencies have nabbed a number of potential suicide bombers and terrorists across the country.

“The issues of the state have to be resolved with reconciliation”, the interior minister said.

The interior minister claimed that the terrorists enter Karachi through a route from Shikarpur.



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