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Nisar ready to address MQM complaints

The criminals, interior minister hastened to add, within political parties will not be spared.

According to details, the meeting of National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Interior echoed with Rangers’ raid at MQM headquarters Nine Zero, recovery of arms and some wanted criminals, as well as the arrest of workers and leaders from there including Amir Khan.

During the meeting, Chaudhry Nisar reminded that MQM itself had demanded operation in Karachi.

MQM leader, Asif Hasnain said that the matter of third largest political party of the country should not be left on a single institution alone.

He warned that whatever MQM is passing through today, others may also have to face the same tomorrow.

Hasnain demanded to form a team to investigate the raid at Nine Zero, which should also include representatives of the federal government.

At which, the interior minister said that the matter will not be left on a team, rather he will himself look into it.

Nisar also said that MQM will not be pushed against the wall.



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