12 hilarious lessons of life you get on Pakistani roads!

KARACHI: How many times you have taken a rikshaw or a bus to reach your destination? Whatever your answer is, we are certain that you must have been amused by those wacky forms of poetry that drivers craftily emblazon (mostly) on their vehicles. We have compiled a few of those witty quotes in this article to change your mood.

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No girlfriend, no tension: Few guys will surely agree to this driver, do you agree too?


This taxi driver proudly promotes his book ‘For Hire’ urging you to look for the book on Google. Wow.


I miss, my miss: We all love and miss our teachers don’t we! (winks)


And this driver is suggesting that girls show attitude due to their looks and flaunt English when they cannot even read.


Time makes me a bride once again. How many eyebrows

are up?


Attention: Love for sale with a flat 100% discount. Anyone pls!


Here comes a bike rider saying I do love you, but my salary

is very low.


We all can relate to this one. Use the car horn gently, the nation is sleeping.9

Check this one out. I have come from Japan. I got married in Pakistan. I was decorated in Taxila. I fell in love with Gojar Khan.


Definitely, a Salman Khan fan as he uses his film dialogue on his rikshaw which says, once I make a commitment, I do not even listen to myself.


Ouch! This sends out an alert to parents, advising them to start thinking about their kids marriages because drivers know how often they (generally) go on dates.


Ok now this driver summarizes how Pakistan worries about its future thinking when there is no business in the country, corruption and traffic jams are common, it is a slave of the US and so infamous in the world.




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12 hilarious lessons of life you get on Pakistani roads!

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