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No ‘hidden hands’ behind anti-MQM presser: Rao Anwar

The cop came up on ARY News show 11th Hour and said that he is ready to be blown up by a cannon if MQM chief Altaf Hussain comes to Karachi to do the job.

Answering a question by the host Waseem Badami, Anwar said that his children are ready to forgive Altaf Hussain over his murder if MQM chief himself comes to Karachi to execute him the way he suggested.

Upon Badami’s insistence, Rao Anwar also testified that he did the controversial press conference on his own accord and there were absolutely no’ hidden hands’ or orders behind the move which triggered a political storm.

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He stated in clear words that he arrested the suspects Tahir alias Lamba and Muhammad Junaid a day before the presser and not long ago as claimed by MQM.

“MQM even has petitions in court about their so-called missing persons’ who are working and living a normal life in Karachi. The arrested terrorists are all working men and they have attendances marked in their respective workplaces”, said Anwar.

On April 30, Anwar did a press conference with two of the arrested members of MQM and while terming the political party worst than Pakistan’s Taliban rebels accused MQM chief Altaf Hussain, Nadeem Nusrat, Anwar of being in conncection with India intelligence Agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

The then SSP Malir demanded a ban on MQM.

Anwar was removed from his post hours after the presser while MQM chief demanded that the cop be executed by a cannon.



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