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No, Ice cream and Gelato are not the same thing!

Contrary to popular beliefs, Ice cream and Gelato are not the same thing.

Though Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, the similarities ends there. While we all have made the mistake of believing both these mouth watering delicacies to be the same. Now we can finally know what’s the real difference.

Here’s what you need to know about the differences between Ice cream and Gelato


Ice cream

Although we tend to use ice cream as more of an umbrella term for everything cold, sweet and frozen the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that anything being sold under the category of ice cream to possess no less than 10% milk fat , 12%-16% sweeteners, and then a remaining composition consisting of cream, eggs and stabilizers. Manufacturers that stick to the given concoction ratio are able to produce the iconic, semi-hard, infinitely scoopable ice cream.


Gelato is one of the most rapidly-growing in-demand foods in the world.The Italian’s sweet contribution to the world of goodness comes with a comparatively different composition.

Whereas ice cream contains specifically regulated amounts of milk fat in the form of cream, gelato relies more heavily on straight up milk which in result could forms ice crystal , which would likely make gelato crunchier and less smooth than ice cream, right? No, in fact, the opposite is true. Because gelato is churned more slowly, in much smaller batches, far less air is whipped into the liquid base. This gentle churn results in a more elastic, smooth dessert loved worldwide.

So which came first? Ice cream or Gelato?

Well theorist interpret a series of bible passages in which Abraham eats “goat milk mixed with snow” as proof of gelato’s longstanding historical roots.

People will go to any lengths to defend their favorite dessert for sure.



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