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I supported Imran politically since he was a part of my family: Reham Khan

Reham said that she possessed dual nationality and had that not been the case, she wouldn’t have entered into politics.

She also justified her support for Imran Khan’s cause, stating that was the case since Imran was a member of her household. Elaborating on why her marriage with the PTI chief failed, Reham explained that this was due to the fact that she and Imran Khan never understood each other.

When asked if the reason for her divorce was as she had been stopped from entering into politics, Reham Khan said that no Pakistani woman could even think of seeking divorce for such a reason.

She also said that divorced people were not criminals but women who got divorced were easy targets. Reham also said that during her 10-month marriage to Imran Khan, several allegations were leveled against her and her children. However, she chose not to indulge in a war of words since that could have caused complications.

She also said that she was blamed for poisoning Imran Khan and that she was blamed on the media without due investigations or verification. Reham further said that she wanted to empower women in Pakistan.

On the other hand, in a tweet Reham clarified that she did not receive Haq Mehr.



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