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No long march, protest can dislodge govt: PM Nawaz

Addressing the joint sitting of the parliament, he clarified that no long march, movement and protest could deviate the government from its mission. We will continue our journey for serving the nation, he added.

The tradition of attempting to dislodge elected government through street agitation will now end, said the PM.

He said government will not let anyone to dislodge elected regime through force and set a wrong tradition. We, he said, would reach till the end of lawful course to fight against ill-practices.

“We have been witnessing what’s happening at Constitution Avenue. Provocative speeches are being made, similar allegations are being hurled for consecutive 34 days and graves are dig there in a bid to challenge government’s writ,” said the PM.

He regretted that protesters reneged on their word and broke into the red zone together using women and children as their shield. “They barged into important state buildings and occupied them. Supreme Court ordered them to evacuate those buildings but protesters did not pay heed.”

Later, the PTV building was ransacked, key equipments were stolen there… this game was being played in the name of independence and revolution, lamented the PM.

Sharif said government constituted committees to hold sincere talks with protesters, but the other side kept on attacking police, damaging government buildings and issuing provocative statements.

He claimed that government accepted majority of their demands. “We registered FIR of the Model Town incident with even nomination of PM and chief minister Punjab in it.”

“I could not understand the real agenda of both the protesting leaders. Independent observers have already declared that 2013 general elections in Pakistan were historically transparent and fair.”

He asked why PTI was asking a house of 342 representatives to resign despite rigging allegations in 30 constituencies.

About 35 punctures story, 12 of those constituencies were won by the PML-N while the rest were in other three provinces, elaborated PM Sharif.

The PM said malcontents could not present any proof of rigging allegations so far.

He clarified that none of the four caretaker chief ministers belong to the PML-N. He said government committee was already working on electoral reforms.

All losses up to now have reached Rs 600 billion.

He said how unfortunate that Chinese president was on a visit to subcontinent and he could not visit Pakistan.

He said why civil disobedience and tax evasion calls were being made to push Pakistan into further chaos. The government is tolerating all this so that these protesters may not get any chance to spread chaos.

This session is discussing ongoing political situation and its reasons for many days. This unity and role of parliament will remain a ray of hope in years to come, he added.

The PM thanked parliamentarians for contributing to democracy’s strength.

He also thanked the opposition leader for keeping political differences aside and supporting the democracy and opposed anti-democratic forces.



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