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No one has courage to cast an evil eye on Pakistan: Musharraf

In his exclusive interview with Dr Danish during program ‘Sawal Yeh Hai’, Pervez Musharraf said that no one has the courage to cast an evil eye on Pakistan.

He stressed on the need of fair play in internal affairs of Pakistan, or else it will continue to face difficulties.

“Being economically weaker, Pakistan’s voice on the international level is not that strong,” he lamented. “Provinces have been empowered so much that it has weakened the federation.”

The former dictator said that provinces are supposed to be under the federation.

“There is a separatist movement going on in Baluchistan, sectarian conflicts are rife in Punjab while Karachi is affected with terrorism,” he regretted, during his word with Dr Danish.

Responding to a question, he said that enough of efforts were made for constructing Kala Bagh dam, but the issue was too politicized.

Pervez Musharraf interestingly commented that ‘he had not imposed a martial law in the country and that he was no dictator’.

“Being a nuclear power, we should have confidence in ourselves and be able to give a befitting reply to any aggression,” he suggested.

The ex-army chief opposed the use of military everywhere and urged for strengthening the civil institutions.

When asked about criticism on military courts, he remarked that it is similar to ‘Na Khaidaan Ge, Na Khaiddan Diyan Ge‘.



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