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No power can stop us from establishing ‘naya Pakistan’: Imran Khan

Addressing the participants of the PTI sit-in, Imran Khan said that the ‘naya Pakistan’ will surely come into being; the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can do whatever he wants. He said that we do not want this artificial democracy of the tyrants.

The PTI chief said that the government is trying to scare the youngsters, by putting them into jails. He vowed to hold the current rulers accountable for their doings, after the formation of ‘naya Pakistan’.

Imran Khan also warned the IG Punjab, Mushtaq Sukhera to stop oppressing the youngsters, for the Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif will not be able to save him from the punishment.

Speaking about Maulana Fazlur Rahman, he said that the JUIF chief will also not be excused for the cheap remarks he passed and challenged him to win a single seat in the next elections.

The PTI chairman while talking about Aafia Siddiqui, said that nobody from the entire country helped him, while a British journalist came to assist him in Aafia’s case.

Imran Khan said, “I have not come here upon anyone’s directives and have always done things on my own”. He added that all his assets are here in Pakistan and he has not named his property to his relatives, for the sake of evading tax.

Referring to the Model Town incident, Imran Khan expressed immense grief over the massacre of innocent people and slammed the rulers for not resigning, despite the judicial tribunal has also declared them guilty of the offence.

He said that the tyrant rulers ordered police to fire tear-gas shells on women and children.

He took an oath from the participants that after the formation of ‘naya Pakistan’ everyone would pay tax according to his capacity, adding that most of the taxes will be collected from the rich and will be spent for the welfare of the poor.

The PTI chairman also vowed to end official residences of the prime minister, chief ministers and governors, and to transform all these into libraries, public parks and hotels.



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