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No rift between Bachchan clan and Shah Rukh Khan

There were many speculations about the recent controversy involving Jaya Bachchan’s criticism on Happy New Year in Indian media. The recent reports were full of news of apologies from Bachchan clan to Shah Rukh Khan on the issue and Media reports were just adding fuel to the controversy until both the parties used social networking site twitter to clear the issue. SRK and Bachchans both said that media reports gave unnecessary flare and completely different context to what had been said by Jaya Bachchan.

However, Bachchan family and Shah Rukh Khan were spotted in Kolkata International film festival’s opening. Bachchan clan comprising of Jaya Bachchan, Abishek and Ashwariya along with Shah Rukh Khan fired-up the inaugural lamp in the presence state’s Chief Minister. The Bachchan family links Bengal as their second home since Jaya Bachchan has Bengali roots and Shah Rukh Khan is Bengal’s state ambassador .

Jaya Bachchan was also present in the event sources say that Bachchan clan and Shah Rukh Khan not only hugged each other but spent a quality time together in the event and there was no sign of any rift among them.  It is heard that Shah Rukh Khan and Bachchan family’s charisma added liveliness and magic to the event.




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