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‘They have no right to call themselves men’

Star Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, who is better known for his sportsmanship and hard knocks with the bat, has come up in support of young actor Zaira Wasim for alleged molestation that she faced recently during a flight.


Kohli  asked people, specially men, to immediately take action against harassment,  on the spot, where it is committed. He called it a cowardly act watching some girl experience such thing and said that these (onlookers) “have no right to call themselves men”.

“It’s really really disturbing to see something that has happened and people who watched it and not do anything about it. I think it’s a cowardly act. Those people have no right to call themselves men.

“I have only one question. If something like that happened, God forbids, with someone in your family, would you stand and watch or would you help? That’s my only question,” he asked people in a quite angry response to the incident.

This should be noted that the accused in Zaira molestation case is in police custody and undergoing a trial in court on the harassement issue.

Wife of Vikas Sachdev, the man accused of molesting Zaira mid-flight, has snubbed the allegation saying that her husband is a family man.

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Virat Kohli said it was horrible that those things were acceptable for certain people to a certain degree. He said this approach should be changed.

“I think these things are allowed to happen as people stand there and they watch these things happen. They are fine with it. They think that it is absolutely fine for something like this to happen to a girl.

“For men to accept that it’s an opportunity for us to do something like this and get away with it. And people in power trying to defend it. It’s absolutely horrible. I think as a society the fact that these things are in certain people’s head acceptable to a certain degree. It’s disturbing. It’s shocking and I am ashamed to be a part of that society,” he said.

The hard-hitter said, “I think we need to change our thinking. We need to treat men and women in the same way and treat women with some compassion.”



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