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‘Nobody wants to buy Trump’s inauguration ceremony tickets’

WASHINGTON: US-president elect Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony is approaching near, and the States media are perhaps making sure not to let any report surrounding the event go missed.

According to latest reports, ticket scalpers are struggling to sell on spaces for Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony due to a lack of demand.

The 20 January event has already been hit by performers pulling out—most recently, Bruce Springstreen tribute act the B Street Band.

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One man told the NY Daily News he thought he would be able to flip a pair of tickets he bought for $700 for twice that amount, but has had no luck.

Yossi Rosenberg, 36, said:

“Nobody wants to buy them. It looks like I’m stuck with them, I might even have to go. I thought they would be in demand.”

“I got offers before I got them, but then I get them and everybody balked.

“Someone offered me $200 for the pair. I guess his approval ratings aren’t that high, right?”



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