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Nomination papers of PPP’s Qadir Patel rejected for NA-248

KARACHI: The returning officer tasked with scrutinizing documents filed by aspiring candidates rejected nomination papers of Pakistan Peoples Party candidate Qadir Patel for incorrectly declaring the value of his gold holdings.

The nomination papers of Salim Sachwani for NA-245 and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) candidate for the provincial assembly, Chaudhry Nawaz Aulakh were also rejected.

During the scrutiny, the returning officer questioned Patel on why he stated in his nomination papers that his wife has 15 tola gold worth Rs150,000.The RO asked Patel that why the value of 500 yards bungalow in Defence was shown in lacs when plots in Defence cost crores.

Patel was also questioned by the returning officer on non-declaration of foreign currency and other cash amounts.

“It is the apex court’s decision that an affidavit has to be submitted. Candidates will be disqualified directly over misstatement,” the returning officer said.

According to ECP, data of more than 12,000 candidates has been sent to NAB, FBR and State Bank for verification and scrutiny while over 7500 nomination papers have so far been verified with the help of Online Data Scrutiny System.

ECP says that nomination papers of dozens of candidates have been declared suspicious.

It said that all these records are being sent to Returning Officers across the country and the data will be scrutinized during the prescribed scrutiny period from 12 to 19th of this month.

According to the election schedule, appeals against rejection or acceptance of nomination papers can be filed by 22nd of this month.

The Appellate Tribunals will decide the appeals by 27th, after which the revised list of candidates will be published on 28th of this month.



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