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‘North Koreans still don’t know the result of US elections’

The name ‘Donald Trump’ has dominated news headlines around the world since he was elected 45th President of the United States.

Almost everyone in the world knows about the president-elect of the US, but there is one country which still is reportedly not aware of the US elections result.



BBC reporter Chris Greenway says state media still hasn’t revealed who won the election, reported the Independent.

They are able to do this because the media stream is very carefully filtered, and citizens only receive information as directed by the state.

However, to leave the announcement a week seems like strange behaviour from the regime.

According to Greenway’s tweets, in 2008 the media there took three days to reveal that Barack Obama would be taking over in the Oval Office.

This delay perhaps suggests that the North Korean government don’t know quite how to react to the prospect of President Trump – and to be fair to them… neither does anyone else.



According to Washington Times, North Korea’s literal radio silence on the news may be particularly puzzling as back in June an editorial by state-run media suggested a Trump presidency would be welcomed by the regime.



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