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Forget selfies, you can now 3D print yourself

Did you ever wish to have lifelike full colour 3D printed twin of yourself or your loved ones? A London-based studio is making  3D figurines to produce a virtual model of a person.

The company was started by two Polish brothers who wanted to work for themselves and to put their various technological skills to good use and also create something new and innovative.

3dtwin1  3dtwin5

After many months experimenting they started to build their first photogrammic scanning rig, and after using 28 DSLR cameras they were able to capture shape and texture of an object but with no colour.

Therefore they developed programming that could turn 2D photos into 3D data but needed some way to print them.



They came across Cadventure Ltd and their 3D Systems ProJet printers. Cadventure believed in the concept and wanted to help them get off the ground and print their first prototypes.

The company has a ProJet 660 Printer, state of the art Photogrammic rig with 64 cameras and manages all stages of development and production in their Liverpool Street Studio.







How is it done?

Scanning – They use photogrammetry, but have a number of scanners designed for different materials and objects and are able to scan anything.

CAD-Services – They have a team of highly skilled CAD users familiar with a range of programmes.

Printing – The state of the art 3D Systems ProJet 660 printer makes lifelike figurines of people and pets, which uses a powder deposition and a additive manufacturing method to create models with a level of detail to 100 microns.

The price for a standard figurine of a single person in stand-up position or a standard bust starts from £120 up to £250.

A video posted by Levavo Limited (@my3dtwin) on

A video posted by Levavo Limited (@my3dtwin) on



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