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Now you can play PlayStation4 games on your computer

Sony on Monday announced a major update to online video game subscription service allowing players to stream their favorite PlayStation 4 games.

The PlayStation Now service will soon allow players to stream PlayStation 4 video games, as opposed to previously only allowing to stream games of PlayStation 3 and older gaming consoles.

PlayStation Now currently allowing streaming of around five hundred games on PS3 and computers, and has now decided to expand the catalogue to PS4 games.

Sony did not mention when the update would take place but said that it was likely in the next few weeks.

The company will also invite some PS Now subscribers to experience the update in a private test. Gamers who are active PS Now subscribers are likely to receive an invitation.

PS Now is a subscription service that offers access to a large and expanding library of games. It utilises cloud streaming technology allowing subscribers to access the entire catalogue of games, and start playing quickly without the need to wait for downloads.

Also, the new update will allow PS Now subscribers to play PS4 games across their computers and devices. PS Now uses cloud saves which allows users start a game on PS4 and continue playing on another PS4 or even a Windows PC.



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