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NSA Janjua apprises British envoy over Indian atrocities in Kashmir

Janjua elaborated that despite Indian rhetoric, Pakistan was committed to act in a mature and responsible manner. He stated that further escalation could be disastrous and detrimental for the region and both sides need to act with restraint, maturity and a greater sense of responsibility.

He appreciated and acknowledged the British concerns and commended the positive role being played by the UK aimed at de-escalating the rising tensions in the region.

Janjua briefed Dew in detail about the prevailing situation in Indian-Occupied Kashmir and conveyed the strong sentiments of the people of Pakistan towards the massive human rights violations being committed by the Indian security forces against innocent Kashmiris.

He highlighted the indigenous and peaceful character of the current uprising in IOK, and urged the international community to play its part in finding a lasting and peaceful solution to the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions.

He reiterated that Kashmir, which was currently the most dangerous nuclear flashpoint of the world, actually held the ‘key to peace’, which must be used as such, for ushering in an era of peace and prosperity in South Asia.



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