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WATCH: Man enters fast food chain with fake gun, demands nuggets

A hungry robber barged into a fast food outlet and demanded of the staff to give some nuggets on gunpoint using a fake gun as the entire episode was captured on camera.

The incident happened in Gloucestershire county of England where 22-year-old Rudi Batten could be seen entering a food outlet with a fake gun.

He asked for some nuggets but had to settle for a double sausage McMuffin because the restaurant was only serving the breakfast menu.

The 22-year-old went to a branch of the fast-food chain in Yate, brandishing a fake gun and taking £50 ($69) from the till before demanding the store manager lead him to the safe.

A red tin containing £250 ($348) in notes, two float bags containing £100 ($139) each and a bag of coins were taken during the theft.

The incident caused nearby Ridge Junior School to go into lockdown after terrified parents called the school with reports of a gunman on the loose.

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Other than this incident, the robber had already robbed another takeaway the night before, making off with money and some fried chicken.

As a result of the raids, the hapless criminal was sentenced to six years in prison.



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